Within as very short time frame, Flora Telecom Limited has grown to leading ICT Company with many satisfied customers. Through the years, our philosophy has remained unchanged from the beginning - a commitment to provide our customers with the most innovative products and highest value for money.

Our goal is to introduce innovative ICT solution, in order to increase efficiency, productivity and ultimately to increase profitability for an enterprise. By providing access to timely information across the enterprise our objective is to enable our customer to be more productive and competitive.

Many factors have contributed to our success, but foremost is Flora Telecom's continuing commitment in Telecommunication and System integration services industry. With over 100 specialist staff, our team is the one of the strongest in the country. This helps to ensure that Flora Telecom stays at the one of leading edge of technology and market development and to contribute pioneering ICT products and services that satisfy demands across all enterprises in all the areas of the industry.

Our innovative system integration concepts maintain a highly efficient ISO 9001:2000 standard processes and a network of highly motivated team. Moreover, our support services have helped to build strong relationship between Flora Telecom and our customers and partners.

At Flora Telecom Limited, we firmly believe in the continued growth and potential of the dynamic ICT industry and we are fully committed to working with our customers and partners into the next century.

Mustafa Rafiqul Islam

Managing Director