Mobile Handset Operation

Flora Telecom is the Bangladesh’s leading provider of innovative, value-enhancing logistics services to the wireless

communications industry. The Company uses advanced technology to facilitate the effective and efficient delivery of handsets, related accessories and other wireless products to network operators, agents, resellers, dealers and retailers. Internet-based software systems pioneered by Flora Telecom provide network operators, retailers with seamless, real time ordering and inventory management systems that operation. In many of markets, Flora Telecom provides activation services that generate new subscribers for its wireless networks operators such as Grameen Phone the largest GSM Mobile Phone operator in the country.

Flora Telecom serves customers through a network of locally based operations through the country. The Company focuses on providing value-enhancing services in direct relationships with wireless network operators and manufacturers, including manufacturers of such leading brand names as Porsche Design, SAGEM, BlackBerry etc. Flora Telecom is continuously working on developing new and strengthening established partnerships to provide you the highest quality and latest selection of technology in handsets, accessories and other wireless products. Leading manufacturers

  • Porsche design
  • BlackBerry
  • Kenwood
As part of our Value-Added Services Menu, Flora Telecom private label packaging. Flora Telecom can work with your marketing staff or allow our in-house creative team to design, develop and produce private label packaging to compliment any marketing objective. All packaging includes:

  • OEM Seals of Authenticity
  • OEM Warranties
  • Consistent size and look for easy merchandising

We believe there is only one way to be a leader in the highly competitive wireless communication market. Think ahead. The rapid rate of technology is constantly shrinking the distance between now and future. So in order to succeed today, we have to be one step ahead of tomorrow. That is why we joined.