FloraBank (FB) has established its presence in era of banking system with salient upshot in terms of operational, technical and financial points of view. Started its journey in 1998 with the automation of branch banking in Nawabpur Branch of Janata Bank. After that, thirteen (13) years have been passed, and truly it achieved the esteem of satisfaction by introducing automation of six hundred (almost 600) branches in Eight (8) premier banks throughout the country with the essence of well-recognized industry expertise, strong corporate values and an impressive track record. The customer centric state of mind and innovative on-going business analysis for new and up-coming banking products are the core strength of FB’s Success.     

On the whole, FB is an on-line, real time, centralized core banking software which is providing the solution of corporate banking, retail banking as well as Islamic banking product. FB provides a complete integrated, highly secured and scalable database, data warehousing, data mining, and data encryption with high performance.

FB has strong product configuration capability to launch innovative product such as Deposit and Loan product and SME loan product if required. Customers Information System, Customer Deposit, Loans and Advance, Islamic banking product, Bills and Remittance, Treasury, Trade finance, General Ledger, KYC for anti-money laundering, Credit monitoring system (centralized limit)  is the default modules of core banking solution of FB.

FB support ISO 8583 messaging format to integrate with third party interface. FloraATM interface cover the balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, fund transfer, utility bills payment and etc. Internet banking provides the customers to access the statement, fund transfer between own account and etc. Additional modules Teller management, Vault management, Fund transfer, Nostro Reconciliation, Head office reconciliation, Mobile Banking, phone Banking, document management and etc. 

It is designed and developed based on central bank guide lines. So it is very easy to customize as per central bank circular when required. There is a strong MIS report modules to generate different type of report including CL, CIB, SBS and others central bank report.

FB can handle huge number of transaction volume including manual transaction and system generated transactions.  It is capable to handle more than 1000 (one thousand branch) and about 32,000 concurrent users. It supports DRS and clustering solution to hassle free operation during the failover of central site.  It is running well and minimum band with 64 kbps over the network up to 1200 latency.

FB consist of strong development and support service team whose are continuously upgrading the system using latest tools and technology to meet future requirement of the customers and building strong relationship between Flora and our client.

Functional Architecture:

    Functional Modules:

    CIF Module:

    CIF is the Customers Information File Management of FloraBank (Islamic Version). CIF are integrated with all others module like Deposit, Loans and Advance, Bill and Remittance, Foreign Exchange and Swift Module.  Customers is identified by unique code which is auto generated by this system. This customer code is used in the whole function of the customers where is necessary. The following are covered in the CIF function

    • Customers Group Maintenance
    • Basic Customers Information
    • CIB-Information
    • TIN Information
    • Sector Code Identification
    • Money Laundering parameter of customers
    • KYC information
    • Customers group position
    • Customers limit  and Group Limit to reduce the credit risk
    • Capture of Signature and photo graph.
    Retail and Corporate Banking:

    Corporate and Retail Banking modules offer banking products and services to corporate and retail clients through various channels. Retail and Corporate Banking features are customized in such a way to optimize strength of best-fit, effective solutions across the core banking practices. This solution also empowers banks to provide their corporate and retail customers anytime anywhere access to real-time consolidated information.

    Features of Retail Banking:

    • Product define (Retail Banking)
    • Product opening
    • Product authorization
    • Loan scheduling
    • Loan disbursement
    • Loan recovery
    • Loan re-scheduling
    • Early settlement
    • Partial settlement
    • Disbursement reversal
    • Reports

    Features of Corporate Banking:

    • Product define (Corporate Banking)
    • Limit load
    • Product opening
    • Product authorization
    • Loan disbursement
    • Monthly provision calculation
    • Periodical interest posting
    • Recovery
    • Reports