FLORA ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an online, real time, parameterized and centralized back office integrated software. FLORA ERP is specially designed to increase profitability of an organization by using its feature rich functions and dynamic reporting environment. FLORA ERP is a client server system, which is developed using SQL Server, Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro.

General ledger Module
General ledger is one of the main back office module which is fully integrated with accounts payable and receivable, purchase, inventory, sales, distribution, bill collection and inter-branch transaction. The following features are covered;

  • Cash Transaction
  • Contra/Journal Transaction
  • Inter-Branch Remittance Transaction
  • Subsidiary Ledger
  • Daily Clean Cash Book
  • Daily Receipt and Payment Account
  • Notes of Accounts
  • Consolidated and branch wise Trail Balance
  • Consolidated and branch wise Trading Account
  • Consolidated and branch wise Profit and Loss Account
  • Consolidated and Branch wise Balance Sheet
  • Daily Cash Flow
  • Item/Product Wise Gross Profit
  • Earnest Money and security Deposit

Procurement Process

  • Local Purchase
  • Import
  • LC Opening
  • Shipment Information
  • Control of LIM, LTR Accounts
  • Control of LIM Stock
  • Direct Import without LIM, LTR
  • Ordering Systems


  • Instant Costing of Import
  • Allocation of Freight Charge
  • Allocation of Others Costs
  • Cost Allocation to Different Products
  • Multi-consignment Import Costing
  • Item wise Landed Cost Information

Inventory Management

  • Stock In with Serial No
  • Stock Out with Serial No
  • Stock Out with Auto Billing System
  • Serial No Tracking with Bar Coding System
  • Inter Branch Stock Transfer
  • Warehouse to Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • Branch wise Stock Position
  • Stock Aging analysis
  • Opening and closing Stock Calculation
  • Customer wise Delivery History
  • Generation of Delivery Chalan
  • Faulty and Bad Stock Marking Facility

Sales and Distribution

  • Cash Sales
  • Credit Sales
  • Auto Billing System
  • Verification of Auto Billing by authorized officers
  • Salesman wise Sales Information
  • Sales Commission Calculation
  • Branch wise Sales
  • Year wise Comparison Sales
  • Auto Voucher Preparation
  • Branch-wise Sales
  • Customers-wise Sales

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer-wise Outstanding
  • Branch-wise Outstanding
  • Aging Analysis of Outstanding
  • Salesman-wise Outstanding
  • Top Customers’ Outstanding
  • Credit Analysis

Accounts Payables

  • Vender-wise Purchase Information
  • Vender-wise Payment information
  • Auto Voucher Generation
  • Total Payable History

Customer Billing

  • Bill Number-wise Collection Record
  • Collection through Clearing Cheque
  • Clearing Cheque Return Information
  • Inter-Branch Bill Collection
  • Centralized Bill Collection
  • Auto Voucher for collection

Warranty Tracking Systems

  • Warranty Tracking by Machine Serial No.
  • Warranty Tracking by Customers
  • Warranty Tracking by Bill and Date
  • Warranty Tracking by Product

Service Monitoring Systems

  • Indoor (Case) Tracking Systems
  • Outdoor (Case) Tracking Systems
  • Evaluation of (Case) by Top Management
  • Customer Service Information
  • Engineer’s Performance Evaluation
  • Present Status of Customers Jobs

Payroll and attendance Management

  • Attendance Register
  • Leave Information
  • Salary Information
  • Increment Information
  • Working Time Calculation

Other Modules

  • Human Resource
  • Fund Management